Before I even qualified, I knew that I wanted my area of specialty to be cancer; supporting clients using nutrition and lifestyle practices to help before, during and after treatment and of course in a preventative role if I could get to a client who may be at risk before a diagnosis, that would be much better!
I first took a course detailing what we might do to help support clients at each step of their cancer journey which gave me confidence to really help people increase their nutritional intake, avoid what might exacerbate their issues and of course to support them in improving any side effects they were experiencing from cancer or conventional treatment. (It is important to work out any drug and nutrient interactions.)
After working with clients over the next three years, I found that although I could help them feel better, I also wanted to go a step further and really help them battle the cancer itself; while this is shaky ground under the umbrella of ‘nutritional therapy’, after studying with Dr Nalini Chilkov at the American Institute of Integrative Oncology ( and finding there are many natural compounds that can interfere with a cancer cell’s development and spread that we can use against the cancer alongside conventional tretment, I feel it is imperative that I share this with as many clients as possible to help them increase their chances of survival.
Integrative cancer therapies are no replacement for conventional treatment and should never be used as such but overall as an adjunct to treatment. A nutritional therapist will always work in conjunction with the GP and the oncology team to ensure the health of the client is looked after from all possible angles.