Nutrigenomics definition….a little bit of science

I like to work with (logo link), award winners in the field of DNA genetic testing for health. determine your genetic expression through gene testing plus lifestyle and diet questionnaires which help the therapist determine the best recommendations for you personally.

Your genes are the first half of the story but lifestyle and environment tell the rest!

There are 8 different test panels to choose from and depending on your area of concern, the therapist will advise which suits you best OR if there are multiple issues, we can choose the Comprehensive panel which includes everything.

The Panels:
Wellness & weight management (suppl. € 30)
Methylation (liver function)

Comprehensive (all of the above) in collaboration with has come up with an all-inclusive offer as follows:

One panel test plus initial consultation (1.5 hours) plus follow up (1 hour)

Extra panel €115

Comprehensive Panel plus initial consultation (1.5 hours) plus follow up (1 hour)

€395 also supply supplements specifically designed for issues highlighted by testing which are available to you in France through